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WHAT IS GlobalGap (EurepGap)?

GlobalGap (EurepGap) stands for the requirements that are made on a worldwide level of agricultural and market gardening businesses in terms of food safety, shelf life and quality. In 1997, 26 European supermarket organisations anxious to satisfy consumers' needs for improved safety of agricultural and market gardening products took the initiative of harmonising the conditions laid down for fresh products delivered by their suppliers.

The GlobalGap (EurepGap) protocol was designed for this purpose. This protocol established the framework for good agrarian practice (GAP) at producer level. It lays down the minimum standards, which production must comply with in order to be accepted by the major supermarket chains.
GlobalGap (EurepGap) is squarely intended to boost consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food. In addition, EuropGAP serves to demonstrate that the products on offer are produced with due respect for the interests of workers, the environment, natural resources and local flora and fauna.

As just one of a variety of applications, the protocol is used as a touchstone for current-day production methods. The guidelines are a means of accelerating the implementation of integrated crop protection techniques in conventional farming and market gardening.