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REO Veiling was established in 1942 in trying times, in order to address the burgeoning fruit and vegetable culture, which was steadily developing into a unique phenomenon in Mid-West Flanders. The unrelenting expansion of REO Veiling made a frequent change of location inevitable: first Linkervaartkaai, then Kattestraat, until permanent premises were found which are bordered by three main roads: Diksmuidsesteenweg, Groenestraat and Oostnieuwkerksesteenweg.

brugThe present supply hall and auction room, which have been in operation since 1 April 1991, are located on the "De Klauwaertbeek" industrial estate and cover a 20 ha surface area. The packaging department and buyers’ depots are located along Diksmuidsesteenweg, taking in no less than 9 ha.

In 1999, together with five other Flemish fruit and vegetable auction markets, REO Veiling set up LAVA. The purpose of this cooperation was to dovetail sales, quality control and research efforts.