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sales methods

preikeuringA typical feature of sales operations is the fact that they are performed by Dutch auction. In the past, "individual sales" allowed for speculation. This sales method has become obsolete at REo Veilng and has largely been replaced by block sales.

In block sales, one and the same product (same quality and sorting) is supplied by different growers. In the composition of that "block", the quality is of crucial importance and is determined by the quality controller.

champignonsIn simultaneous sales, block products are sold over several auction clocks in often remote auction halls. Of these products too, the quantity and quality are known in advance. The buyers, scattered across any number of Belgian auction halls, are able to bid for products which are on sale throughout the entire auction network.

The home buying system was introduced in early 1998. This system enables the buyer to buy at any auction hall from the privacy of his home office, irrespective of whether he has his office in Belgium or abroad.

For lettuce, strawberries, cauliflower and tomatoes, the advance block sale system is used. Growers communicate the quantity and quality to the auction hall. The crops are harvested after the buying transaction has been completed and packed in the packaging of the buyer's choosing.

Next to individual sales, block sales and advance sales, REO Veiling also trades products that are mediated. For so-called Flandria products, this mediation is performed through LAVA. Hard fruit and mushrooms are mediated directly through REO Veiling.