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europoolkisten In 1995, the light-blue Europool crate was introduced. This crate is widely used by a large number of Belgian, Dutch, German, French and Spanish auctions. In so doing, REO Veiling took a major step towards simplifying the logistical process in the sale of fruit and vegetables. An added benefit of this crate is that it can be reused many times, thereby reducing the volume of waste packaging. Currently, some 80% of all packaging units used are EPS crates.

When the EPS crate was introduced, it was laid down from the outset that used crates had to be washed twice in 3 cycles. A crate washing machine was bought with a washing capacity of 4,000 crates per hour. REO Veiling commissioned the construction of the first automatic crate-washing machine in Europe.

Apart from the standard EPS packaging, products may be supplied in any other type of packaging required by the buyer.